Mary's Couscous Catering

A Taste of Africa!

Mary’s Couscous is now available in Ballarat!

Hand-made couscous from our family to yours. The recipe and making of Mary Bukjiok's couscous is traditional to her home country of South Sudan. Mary learned how to make this time-honoured staple from her mother, who would create fresh couscous for guests and for celebrations.

Mary Bukjiok crafts her signature couscous using fresh ingredients and the techniques she learned in her mother’s kitchen. Made from fine maize flour, water, and a touch of wheat flour, Mary’s Couscous is hand-formed to create delightfully light couscous grains that are then steamed and ready to eat.

Mary’s Couscous also comes in a special gluten-free version made with cassava flour.

In Africa, couscous is usually served with mixed greens that include kale, spinach and Chinese broccoli. By all means try this delicious combination, and also serve Mary’s Couscous with a vegetable stew, curry, or alongside your favourite main dish.

Make your next dinner party celebration REALLY special with an exceptional new taste sensation!

Mary's Couscous offers a range of catering options:

  • Plain Couscous (regular and gluten-free)  $12kg
  • Couscous with traditional vegetable stew  $14 500g serve
  • Couscous with traditional meat stew   $16 500g serve
  • Couscous with both vegetable and meat stews  POA

Order Mary’s Couscous by contacting Mary Bukjiok on 0402 973 507.